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Don Bender

The beauty of photography is its unique ability to freeze moments in time that either tell a story, portray some emotion or give the viewer a peek into an instant of someone's life or personality. That's what drew me to photography. Frozen moments. Seeing those photos in Life magazine that stirred my emotions or the photos in Sports Illustrated that captured that moment of the game that made me feel like I lived it myself.

As a photographer, my job is to anticipate moments that tell a story and capture them in a way that when seen will recreate all the images and emotions in a way that brings the viewer right into the experience. I've had many wonderful moments in my life and now capturing them in photographs yields tremendous satisfaction. My life is now about that. Living and capturing moments. It's a nice life I've chosen.

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photoBender is available for on location and studio portraits, sporting events and team photography, weddings, and other special occasions. Rates based on location/required
equipment and staffing needs.

Please contact Don Bender at 512.380.0243 or email at don@photobender.com.

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